Multi-stream liquid target from cyclotron to hotcell


Upgrade your cyclotron's liquid target distribution system to a reliable multi-stream system operated from an easy to use touch screen interface with full data logging to simplify GMP requirements.

4 to 10 Inputs

4 to 19 Outputs

Connect your Cyclotron targets with your hotcells

The simple and easy way

4 - 10 Input Ports

4 - 19 Output Ports

Input valve comes in several configurations (4, 6, 8 & 10 ports) depending on how many targets need to be switched.

Output valve comes in several configurations (4, 6, 8 & 10 ports) depending on how many delivery points are required.  Note: 2 x 10-port valves are cascaded for 19 outputs.

Liquid Target Distribution Valves

Reliable high precision rotary valves

Metal free fluidic pathways to ensure no metal contamination of your target


Neutron resistant as no electronics inside the valve which makes it possible to locate the valve inside the cyclotron bunker


Pneumatically actuated valves (high reliability)


Physical feedback switch to indicate valve's true position

The Control Box is mounted on a wall in the lab or service corridor and is connected to the control interface computer via wireless WiFi or Ethernet cable connection.

True Valve Position Feedback

True feedback of valve positions by LED indicators on the cabinet (in addition so feedback shown on computer interface).

Manual Override

The control box can be put into manual mode which enables you to manually cycle the valve positions by clicking the respective button on the front of the cabinet (back-up control method).

Controller Cabinet

Intuitive User Interface

Complete control

GMP friendly

All valve changes are logged to make it easy to review prior operation and for easy GMP compliance

Eliminate human error

  • Set up Product Specific Target Distribution Pathways to minimize target transfer errors.  This allows the administrator to define only specific input and outputs that can be selected by a user for a particular product to be produced, for example:


Input = Target 1 & 2 only selectable
Output = Outputs 1 & 3 only selectable

Increase Safety

  • Hotcell interlock feedback: Valves can only be rotated to desired positions if the destination hotcell interlock is OK. Interlocking can be individually enabled and disabled for each hotcell
  • System Alarms are logged to alert the user to any issues or errors