Easily add HPLC purification capabilities to a radiosynthesizer without HPLC

The HPLC+ is a compact system that allows you to add HPLC purification capabilities to a radiosynthesizer which does not have the capability to perform HPLC purification such as the GE TracerLab Mx and FASTlab 1 & 2, thereby opening up a whole new level synthesis possibilities to your existing hardware.

Note HPLC product reformulation needs to be done on synthesizer



Compact Dimensions

Easily install HPLC+ onto any synthesizer in any hotcell





Width 32.5cm

Open Software Interface

Data logging of all sensor trends with historical trend review.


Can be run on the same PC as the radiosynthesizer’s software as a separate window.


Fast ethernet network connection between the PC and the control PLC

External PLC

The HPLC+ PLC (Programmable Logic

Controller) electronics are housed in an

external enclosure located outside of the hotcell.


This eliminates the possibility of damage to the electronic components due to high radiation fields thereby significantly increasing system reliability.


There is a single electrical cable connection between the external controller and the HPLC+ unit located within the hotcell.



For precise monitoring

HPLC Injection Fluid Detector


Product injection into the HPLC loop’s is controlled by a software calibrated optical fluid detector. This detector allows on the fly adjustment of the detection threshold so that you never miss your product injection.

HPLC Radioactivity Detector


Tungsten shielded radioactivity detector {CsI(TI) crystal PIN photodiode} provides a linear response across a large radioactivity range.

HPLC Pump & UV Detector



10 or 50mL/min pump head with integrated pressure sensor. Can be upgraded to a quaternary low pressure gradient (LPG) pump with quad channel solvent degasser.

Fibre Optic UV Detector


Variable wavelength UV detector with fibre optic remote flow cell whereby only the flow cell is located inside the hotcell which frees up valuable hotcell space compared to traditional UV detectors.